What You Can Do

  • Join us in packing the courtroom for Strife for his trial at 9 am on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at the US District Court in the Federal Courthouse Building (1717 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98402- http://goo.gl/maps/utpbn). Show the judge and jury we won’t stand by while the police lie, falsify charges, and bully our communities into silence.
  • There will be rideshares from Media Island (816 Adams St. Olympia, WA 98505- http://goo.gl/maps/4ZUTA) leaving at 8 am sharp!
  • Share this page on social media and create discussions about the importance of holding those in power accountable when they act like they are above the law. The more people who know about this crackdown on dissent, the more likely that the government will be forced to back down and stop terrorizing our activist communities.
  • Stay updated on Strife’s case by visiting this site often and stay tuned for coverage on the trial of John Towery, the military spy in June 2014.

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