Facts of the Case

The Case Against Sean Lindros of the Olympia Police Department (OPD)

1) No officer or witness corroborates Lindros’ claim that an assault occurred.

2) Paul French’s story as to where he was, what he was wearing, and what he was doing, during the arrest is completely consistent and never varies.

3) In his police report, Lindros misidentified the color of French’s bandana and in the pictures Lindros took of his “injuries” after the protest, his face showed no visible marks or bruises.

4) OPD seized all cameras and recording equipment at the protest and refused to return them until three years later when Larry Hildes of the National Lawyer’s Guild won a settlement against the city.

5) According to the 5o-second video provided by OPD, Lindros is several feet away from Paul French (aka Strife) who is seated and stationary in the middle of a group of 29 people with a banner in his lap at the time of the supposed assault.

6) The banner, which was passed to Strife moments before the take-down by a stranger who had visited his house weeks before, was then used to identify him as the person who allegedly assaulted Sean Lindros.

7) A white unmarked Jeep with California plates showed up minutes after the coordinated take-down.

8) Sean Lindros has received eight citizen complaints and two disciplinary actions in the past five years, engaging in “threatening or intimidating behavior towards the public” on multiple occasions, even “brandishing a gun on a traffic stop.”

9) Lindros has three excessive force complaints including an encounter where he slammed a resident’s face into the ground in downtown Olympia in 2010. In 2013, he used a potentially lethal “lateral vascular neck restraint” on a suspect.

10) In 2012, Lindros lost another case brought against him for wrongful arrest because his story was not deemed credible by the judge. (See Klyne v. Lindros).


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